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Is Interpersonal Skill Important?

Have you ever encountered someone who has nothing good to say, the moment he or she starts talking? Sometimes you may even feel offended and you just want them to shut up.   You can’t really blame them. It is because the school teaches us communication skill but not interpersonal skill. When people talk about…

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3 Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship when Networking

Building a healthy relationship is important in every aspect of your life, especially in business. To me, the richest asset in a business is establishing a healthy relationship when networking with others. Why relationship? Because even if the market crashes, the relationship you have built with people will not be lost. So what are the…

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Why networking is crucial for start-ups

When are you in a room full of strangers are you the one that sits quietly with your head down, staring at your phone and waiting for people to talk to you? You are not alone! I have been in that situation as well! I found out the importance of networking and I started talking…

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