3 successful habits you can learn and apply in life & business

I always wonder how can I be successful in life? I know successful people have daily habits that they follow. Am I able to follow their successful habits? Will it apply to me as well? So many questions pop up in my mind.

After years of learning and experience, with people that are more successful than me, I started to apply what I have learnt and started seeing the transformation within myself. There are the 3 successful habits that are simple yet hard to follow. Can you do it daily so that it becomes part your routine?


1) Read books! A lot of them!

You have to grow yourself one way or another. There is a saying, ” If you are not growing, you are dying!” One of the cheapest and simplest ways to grow is to read a book, depending on which area in life you want to grow yourself in. You must read every single day!

Now I know it is hard to follow through. but just 15min – 30min of your time will do. The purpose why you need to read every day is to kickstart this successful habit. At the same time, you improve yourself every day. Even if you just improve by 1% daily, it will be 365% after a year!


2) Plan your week and Prioritise them!

Have you ever wondered why successful people have so much time in hand to accomplish so many things? They don’t have extra time, but they plan and prioritise their time properly! It might seem dumb at first. Why will I want plan my time? I want to have the time freedom to do whatever I want!

Have you ever been on a holiday and you planned your day because you want to maximise your time to do as many things as possible while you’re in that country?

Same here. If you want to achieve something in the shortest amount of time, you need to maximise and prioritise the things that need to be done! Most people waste at least 1 hour on social media each day and accomplish nothing. Just how much time is wasted after 1 year? Most people know it… But still, they continue doing it because it is part of their habit.

I know it is hard to change your habit unless you are really determined. So make it a habit that you use social media only after you finish what you want to do for the day.


3) Always Listen to People First

This is the most important part of this article. I always thought I know a lot last time when I was younger. Before people could finish what they are about to say, I will always cut them off and say I already know this.

Then I started to talk about what I know and people are really turned off. When I think back, I really lost a lot. Respect, friends, opportunities to work with people and grow me as a person.

I learnt my lesson after getting a lecture from my mentors and coaches. Now I always listen to what people have to say. We don’t know what we don’t know and by just listening, I can really learn a lot from people as well.

I wish everyone massive successful in life and in business!