Life is like climbing a mountain

Hi Everyone, my name is Jia Jun and I am now on top of Mount Faber now. The view looks awesome, so I decided to create a video on top of Mount Faber. I was thinking… Life is like climbing a mountain. You can either take a cable car to the top of Mount Faber or you can climb your way up. Either way, you get the same result. But which option is more unforgettable? To me, I will choose to climb from the bottom of the mountain all the way up to the top.


People have asked me why?

It’s tiring… I swear! I get hungry…

But to me, sometimes it is not about the result… It is about the process.

It is about the experience that you are going to get.


Things that are hard to get are unforgettable. It is raining now and I need to finish up. So in life, you either have a goal or a dream. Don’t take the shortcut. Don’t just take a cable car. Sometimes you need to build your fundamentals in order to gain lots of experience. You just enjoy the journey and have lots of fun doing it.