Let them laugh

Today, I am going to share with you a story that happened to me a few days back.

I was watching a video that I presented to a group of people. My mum walked passed and she saw it. She asked me, “Son, what happened? You mispronounced your word when you are presenting to people.”


So I replied, “Just correct my English pronunciation and move on from there.”

She was not convinced.

She asked, “What happens if the audience laughs at me?”

My reply was, “Let them laugh!”

“Don’t you feel anything when people laugh at you?”

I replied, “I do feel something but that is not going to stop me.”

She asked again, “Why?”

I said, “Because that is what I like to do. Why will I stop because of their laughter?”



You know, the difference between people who are successful and unsuccessful people is that unsuccessful people just laugh at people. They are most likely the one that will not go up on stage and present. The chances of them going up on stage to present are zero. Because they know that every human being makes mistakes. In order for them not to make mistakes is for them to do nothing.


The successful people fail so much, that is why they are successful. 
They learn from their mistakes and they will not stop just because of a few challenges and laughter from the audience.

She said, “Hmm, interesting…” and she just carried on with her life.

The message I am trying to bring across from this story is that people might laugh at your dream and goals but they are not in your shoes.

They are not who you want to be. Ignore them and attract people that are positive in your life to encourage you and support you.