How much time are you actually left with in 40 years?

A few years back, most people told me, “Jia Jun, you still have so much time in life. There is no need for you to rush. You have so much time to achieve what you want!”

When I tell them that I don’t really have that much time, they are all shocked.

“No, you have so much time! I wish that I was as young as you.”

This is why I want to do a sharing of how much time you actually have in life for you to achieve the dreams and goals in life.



So let’s take an example of an average human being that lives till age 70. This magic number is used commonly in financial planning. The financial planner will take the age of 70 as the average lifespan of a human being.

We will wish to retire at the age of 60. Again, this is an example. Let us take it that we start work at the age of 20. So age 20 to 60 is the period for us to go out to society to work, explore and achieve your goals and dreams in life.

That is 40 years.

But do we really have so much time?


So let’s calculate how many hours we have in one year.

So let’s take 365 days x 24 hours. This gives us 8,760 hours in total per year.

This is how much time we have in one year.


We all need to sleep every day right? So let us use an example of a daily sleep timing of 8 hours. This will give us 2,920 hours for us to sleep per year.

Isn’t that scary?


Of course, we need to work. So let’s say the average person works from Monday to Saturday. So I will take 313 days x 8 hours to give 2,504 hours. Of course, people have overtime and all but let’s not calculate that.

So we spend 2,504 hours of our time working.


Of course, we need to travel around as well right? Let’s use an example of 3 hours per day we spend on travelling. 365 days x 3 hours is equal to 1,095 hours per year for us to travel from place to place.



We spend around 1 hour to bathe, eat and do all the admin stuff.

We spend 365 hours per year just to do the administrative stuff.

How much time do we have left in one year?

We are left with 1,876 hours per year.



Multiply that by 40 years… That will give us 75,040 hours in 40 years.

People ask me how many days do I have left to do what I want. If you take 75,040 hours divided by 24 hours, that gives us 3,127 days.

These are days that we are awake and free to do what you want in life. To achieve what you want. So let’s convert it to years.



3127 days divided by 365 days will give us 8.6 years.

From age 20 to 60, you actually only have 8.6 years time left to do what you want in life.

If you spend your time gaming, looking through FaceBook, you are just wasting your time.



But time is precious. 8.6 years to achieve what you want in life is not really a lot.

Hopefully, you can share this with your friends to really treasure your time. Spend some time with your family and friends as well.

No matter how rich you are… When you start to regret, you still can’t change anything because you can’t buy time and time is so priceless.