Choices in Life – Squirrels and the Golden Acorn

Once upon a time, there are 2 squirrels named Furry and Taily. One day, they both went deep into a strange part of the forest they have never been to before. Before them, they saw a huge oak tree with lots of golden acorns growing on the tree! Both of them are excited! They found the legendary golden acorn that will never rot! And by just eating 1 golden acorn, you will be full for the whole day!


Furry quickly climbed up the tree and tried to pick the golden acorns off the branch from the oak. But to his dismay, he tried to pluck the acorn with all his strength but he failed to do so. But Furry is not a squirrel that would give up easily. So he tried again and again. Finally, after an hour, he managed to get a golden acorn from the branch.


Watching Furry while eating his golden acorn, Taily laughed at Furry and told him not to be stupid and just eat the golden acorns from the branches. Why try so hard to get the golden acorn off the branches?


Furry explained to Taily that he was trying to store up the golden acorns, so he can enjoy it when he is old and no longer have the strength to look for food. Taily laughed at Furry and told him that they are young. They should enjoy their life to the fullest and not worry about the future!


Taily asked Furry to enjoy when they are young then work hard when they get older. But Furry refused. And off Taily went to find his friends to play, leaving Furry hard at work, trying to pick another golden acorn off the branch.


After months had passed, Furry would always have the discipline to pick the golden acorns for hours before he took a break from all his hard work. Furry found himself increasing in strength and managed to pick more golden acorns every day, as compared to when he first started. But Taily was still enjoying himself and having fun every single day!


Furry sometime envy Taily. But he knew that his hard work might pay off one day.


Years passed and both Furry and Taily grew old. What will happen to them?


This story reflects on our choices in life. There are no correct or wrong choices in life, but this story triggers your thinking process. 
Hopefully, you don’t regret the choices you make. Remember, not choosing is also a choice. Choose wisely!