How a book can change your life forever!

People know the importance of goal setting. They had written down all their goals they wanted to achieve by this year. They said: “This year is going to be a great year! ”


Guess what? After 1 month, they have totally lost track of what they wanted to do and they stopped doing it. They do goal setting that makes them feel good about it. This cycle repeats itself year after year. But most people don’t keep track of their results and have no one holding them accountable for their action.


But wait! There is a Book that can change your life forever if you follow what I am about to teach you. First, you need to have Commitment and Discipline to follow throughout. If you don’t want to commit to doing what benefits you in the future, having the right strategies will not get you any results.


Without discipline to follow through, you will not get to see the end result. Most people give up halfway through and they will say things like, “the strategy is not working.” If you want to slim down, it will also take time in order to see the results. The same is true in life and in business.


Massive action produces massive results. Good result or bad result does not matter. Most importantly, you took action and gained experience from it. Next time you will find a way to do it.

Now you all might be wondering< what book can change your life?


Creating an Action Book

This book is what I call an Action Book. All you need to do is buy a blank book and name it, “Action Book”.

This is the simplest and cheapest way to keep track of what actions and how many actions you took by the end of this year.

What you need:

  1. A Notebook
  2. Pen (Any colour of your choice except for Red)
  3. Red Pen

Step 1

Skip the first page of the notebook and write on the second page of your book. The first page is reserved for things you think is very important. So let us start with the second page. Write down the task you need to do.

Example as shown below:

Step 2

You write the start date as well as what you want to do. When you finish a task, you can use your red pen to put a tick beside the task. You can also write the follow-up task you want to do.

Example as shown below:

Step 3

When you finished everything you need to do for N/O: 1 then you can go back to the main page and put a tick to indicate that you completed the task.

Example as shown below:

Simple right? What I am teaching you is a simple method to keep track of all the actions you take in life. Most people spend most of their time thinking but not doing and taking action. Just imagine what will happen after 1 year? If you want me to be accountable for you, contact me at (only limited to 3 persons)

If you want to change your life or business, create an ACTION BOOK now!