The Art of Selling is not to Sell!

The art of selling your product or service is actually not to sell! Sounds complicated right? Think about this. When a salesperson approaches you with the intention of selling their service or product, what are the chances they managed to sell it to you? You know the answer.


Most people have the misconception about the art of selling. They thought selling is just about techniques to make your customer buy your service or product. “Selling is just a numbers game…” Anyone finds this sentence familiar?

What happens after you get rejected again and again with no significant improvement or result?


The feeling sucks right? That is what happened to me a few years back when I had no selling experience. Even then, I needed to chase the customer after customer just to get the sale. This is truly not what I am looking for.

I used to think that the art of selling is all about techniques to make people buy. Guess what? I am wrong!


After years of experience learning to sell, I found out that selling doesn’t entirely rely on techniques at all. You can use your selling techniques all you want but if you can’t achieve these two things with your client, there is no way they are going to buy from you, even though they need your service or product! Have you ever encountered people that need your service or product but they never buy it from you?


Instead, they buy it from somebody else… Why?


Again, it is because you lack two things that the client is looking for. Ask yourself this question: Does your client LIKE you and do they TRUST you enough to hand over their hard-earned money to you?


If people do not like you based on the first impression you gave them or when they are talking to you, 
there is no way they are going to listen to what you have to offer to help them. 

If you able to make people like you, you have won half of the battle. 

Trust is not easy to build. It takes time and commitment. 
But if you are able to gain their trust, you will no longer have to chase customer after customer. 
They will all be your clients. That is the difference between clients and customers. 

Clients will come back to you but customers will buy from you once and they are not loyal to you. 
They buy based on the cheapest price they can find.

I have created a 1-day course that teaches you step-by-step how anyone can learn and apply the art of selling in their business or life and bring out the selling potential in you!


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