Get Dreams empowers dreamers who are looking for more than a full-time job. We are committed to helping like-minded visionaries change their dreams into reality. We help them to start and plot their blueprint to make their dreams into a reality.

Our team aims to educate the fundamentals of running business. Make your dreams into a reality by plotting concrete steps before taking that big leap of faith. We help you establish this steadily, so that there will be a profit before leaving your job!

We are more than just another workshop. We use real-life stories and personal experiences so that you can not only learn but also build your fundamentals, so that in the near future, you can apply it in any part of your business as well!

Have a great idea? we will also provide you with the opportunity to partner with us
so we can grow your dreams into reality with a team of passionate entrepreneurs.

Get Dreams - a Clan full of Dreamers and we want you to be a part of us as well!
Let's turn your Dreams into Reality and have FUN along the way!

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Our Speakers

Being an Employee Tan Jia Jun always sought to make his Business Dreams into a Reality.

After 3 failed businesses Tan Jia Jun know that he can't continue to walk the Entrepreneurship Journey alone without guidance. After a few years of guidance from various business coaches and mentors, he took a leap of faith from an Employee to become an Entrepreneur full time.

Today Tan Jia Jun is the Founder of “Get Dreams” and the Co-owner of “Intelligent Millionaires Network Singapore (IMN)”. He helps Employee to make the transition into Entrepreneurship through Actionable Steps. Tan Jia Jun also starts communities called “Action Dreamers”, where members can support each other in their entrepreneurship journey.

Tan Jia Jun loves to inspire the young generation he shares his experience at different University, Polytechnics and Junior College. He mentors students that are Aspiring Entrepreneur because he knows what it is like to feel lost in life and how tough it is to chase after one’s own dream.

Most people communicate with each other, I connect.

Tan Jia Jun