Turning Business Dream

Into Reality

Empowering dreamers to start

their path into entrepreneurship

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Starting a business is like commandeering a boat in the middle of an ocean, without land in sight.

At Get Dreams, we believe that the strength of the founder will make or break the company.

Understanding our vision

Know Your Direction

Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Get the right mindset of entrepreneurs.

Find your moral compass and

business values. Identify the right

direction and head your way there.

Source For Resources

Finding the Right Resources

Ensure your business has the right resources

to reach your destination. More than just money,

get the right skill set, the right partners,

the right employers to get you these.

Plot Your Path

Utilisng the Right Strategy

Learn from the experience of other successful

business owners. Utilise proven strategies

to help you get there. Understand what

fundamentals you need to get your

business running.

Diverse group of Asian business coworkers or college students using laptop in team casual meeting, startup project discussion or happy teamwork brainstorm concept, at coffee shop or modern office

Made for employees exploring business

opportunities or aspiring entrepreneurs looking

to start their business

  • > Learning through affordable workshops and seminars

  • > Standing out in networking sessions

  • > Finding successful mentors/coaches

  • > Acquiring the right skills to lead your team and sell your vision

Transit From:

Employee to


Drawing a paycheck to

Earning your Worth

Following to


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at an upcoming event to discover how to turn your dreams into reality.

The Founder

Jia Jun is the founder of Get Dreams. Being a dreamer himself, he always sought to turn his dreams into a reality. He made the leap from an employee to becoming an entrepreneur. He is also the network owner of Business FUN as well as a partner for Singapore's Intelligent Millionaires' Network. He was invited to the NUS Entrepreneurship Society to share his learning journey with the students and inspire them. Jia Jun strongly believes in building long-term relationships because it is the best asset any business owner could have.


Jia Jun is a genuine trainer who cares about your results instead of delivering the hype of an event. He is someone who walks his talk and I'll definitely recommend his course to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Marcus Lian

This event is very meaningful.

I will definitely bring my friend along.

Wong Wei Yang

This session with Jia Jun really makes business sound fun and easy.

I'm enlightened!


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