The Influence on the way you Dress affect First Impressions

Part 1.2

First Impression: The Way You Dress


From my personal experience when I dress differently, I create a certain first impression and it will have a different influence on the people I met for the first time. Of course, it also really depends on the purpose of the meeting, the way you establish the rapport and how you connect with people.


Casual on Business Networking Event

Lesser people approached me when I am in my casual. Even if they talk to me it is harder for me to connect with them as they keep wanting to move on and connect with people that are well dressed.

Casual on 1-1 Meeting

It is easier to put people at ease when I am in my casual and it is easier to establish rapport and connect with them.



Formal on Business Networking Event

More people will approach you and interested to find out what you do. It is up to you to get them to be interested in you.

Formal on 1-1 Meeting

Some people will be uncomfortable with you being too formal and it will sometime create a gap and it is harder to connect with them. But some will love how you dress up to show the importance of the meeting with them.



In summary, it really depends on your purpose and who you wish to connect to.


Next blog I will share Do/Don’t Handshake with Different Gender and Age.

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