Taking A Leap of Faith – Employee to Entrepreneur

I remember when I told my parents that I want to quit my job their expression changed instantly.

  • I saw fear and confusion through their facial expression. Why do you want to quit? What are you going to do after you quit? The economy is very bad this year. They demanding an answer from me.
  • But I have already made my plan to leave 10 years back. It seems crazy to them that I want to leave my job. My highest education is Nitec and my job last time is what they call the iron rice bowl. But I know it is not my career still I gain lots of experience from it although it is not what I like to do.
  • My parents are very worried. I remember they try their best to convince me to stay in my job. But I have already made up my mind. I left my job.


But is it really that simple to left my job? No is not. I sacrifice a lot. What do I mean?

  1. Most people spend their money on holiday. I spend it on investing myself.
  2. Most people go home straight after work. I spend my time networking and learn from people that are more successful than me.
  3. Most people when they have free time will relax and enjoy themselves. I spend my time reading and understanding myself.
  4. Most people wake up late on weekend. I wake up early and start on planning my day ahead next week with action plan.


In summary, are you ready to sacrifice to become an Entrepreneur?

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