Importance of Facial Expressions

Have you ever been engaged by someone that share with you their product or service, they tell you how passionate they are, but from their facial expression and tone, they don’t even look and sound passionate?


How convinced are you to buy into their product or service? I am not saying with the right facial expressions people will surely buy into your product or service but it will increase the possibility of people buying from you.


  • I remember when I first started sharing with people my service & product in my back of my mind I just want to sell them. I have been told I need to share how passionate I am with my service & product.


  • In reality, I am excited about selling my potential customer my service & product to earn my commission. To my surprise, no one bought from me.


  • People that are passionate, everything can be express through their facial expression. Of course, you can put on a mask and fake it but most people can just sense it.


In summary, be authentic with your facial expression and you will find you start to attract people that are authentic like you. To me that is priceless.


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