How to Grow your Business (Power of 1)

There is many strategies to grow your Business when you are starting out. One of the strategies I apply in my business is using the Power of 1.


What is the Power of 1?


  • Power of 1 is to focus everything single resources you have and make it work for your 1 client when you have your very first client.


What Most Entrepreneur do?


  • The challenges most businesses face when starting out is they focus too much on getting more sales that they negated their existing clients that put the trust in them from the start. Over-deliver what you promise to them.


  • Make them so satisfy with the result that they are more than willing to intro 2 more friends to you. Why waste time looking for new customer if you have a very satisfying client.


In summary, I will suggest you spend 70% of your time on your existing client 30% looking for new client.

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