You have Dreams...I GET IT.

I strongly believe that every employee has a Dream they wish to achieve.

But what is stopping you from achieving it?
Stepping out of your comfort zone to grow and start your own journey into entrepreneurship?

Don't Know:

  • How to Start?

  • What to Sell?

  • Your USP?

Don't Have:

  • Right Network?

  • Time?

  • Lot of Capital Starting a Business?

  • Ideas?

  • Strategy?

  • No one to kick your ass to move you forward?

Fear of:

  • Unknown?

  • Losing your Current Income?

  • Failure?

Let us show you how you can:

Employee to


Drawing a paycheck to

Earning your Worth

Following to


Create a sustainable and profitable business you OWN

Made for employees exploring business opportunities or aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their business

What you will learn at the programme:

1. Identify 3 common mistakes when transiting from employee to becoming an entreprenuer

  • > Focusing too much on ideas

  • > Not clear on what you actually want

  • > Don't have a niche

2. Learn the 3 secrets that entrepreneurs use to kickstart their business. They start with:

  • > Testing Market

  • > Collaboration

  • > Mentor or Coach

3. Apply the 3 fundamental skills that all successful business owners have

  • > Self-awareness

  • > Customise Time Management and Goal Setting

  • > Interpersonal Communication Skill

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Our Speaker

Jia Jun is the founder of Get Dreams. He completed 10 years in service for Repulic of Singapore Navy. He took a leap of faith from an employee to becoming an entrepreneur despite having objections from his family. Through his journey, he failed businesses because he was like a lost ship in the middle of the ocean without heading towards the right derection.

He learned from his failure and know the importance of having businesses mentors and coaches. With his mentors and coaches, guidance and support, he is now the Senior Managing Partner of GetDreams, the Network Owner of Business F.U.N as well as a partner of the Intelligent Millionaires Network.

He was invited to NUS Entrepreneurship Society to share his learning journey with the students and became an inspiration for them.


What are your dreams, fears or challenges? He will help you break them down and provide you with actionable steps to take without quitting your job

Jia Jun is a genuine trainer who cares about your results instead of delivering the hype of an event. He is someone who walks his talk and I'll definitely recommend his course to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Marcus Lian

This session with Jia Jun really makes business sound fun and easy.

I'm enlightened!


This event is very meaningful.

I will definitely bring my friend along.

Wong Wei Yang