Entrepreneur: Back To Basics

Every Entrepreneur wants to make their Dreams into Reality. Our dream always seems so far to reach and because of that entrepreneurship is a long journey at some point we will lose our direction.

Taking the first step is always the most important followed by the right step to take. This article I am going to share from my own experience what is the basic fundamental as an entrepreneur we should focus on instead of focusing just on the business idea.


1) Self Awareness

In Chinese, Sun Tzu’s Art of War 己知彼,百战不殆.

Meaning: Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated. Most people when they start a business they don’t even know themselves. If you are able to have that self-awareness you will already win half the battle. Knowing what is your strength and weakness is a great start in self-awareness.


2) Interpersonal Communication Skill

A skill that connects you with people. Able to communicate is good but if you are able to connect with people then you are able to influence and we know influence is a form of leadership. In order to build your dream, you need a team. Most people are soloprenueur because they can communicate but they can’t connect and influence people.


3) Team

It is challenging to do things alone. When you are unable to connect with people and let them see your dream you will be alone to fight the battle. That why most businesses die. I remember when I first started, I don’t really have a clear vision on what I want but still, people is willing to fight alongside with me because I am able to connect with them. Having a great team is important it takes time to build and find the right team that suits you.


In summary, I strongly believe in focusing on the fundamental in business. I apply it to my coachee as well.  If you want to improve on your business first you must change then you will see changes in your business.


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