Do/Don’t Handshake with Different Gender and Age

There are different types of handshakes. Today I am going to share what my mentor shared with me, How are you going to do a Handshake with Different Gender & Age and I will explain why.



  • Same Gender

    Your hand should go more than half of the palm and give a firm handshake. It displays the sincerely and confidence you have.

Note: You will notice some people when doing handshake they will just go less than half of your palm. This display either they are lack of interest in you or they have low confidence in themselves.


  • Woman

    This applies to man when they do a handshake with a woman. Your hand should go to half the palm of the woman, not all the way! Some woman will feel uncomfortable if you hold their whole hand for a handshake. So the best is to take just half of the palm and do a handshake.

Note: Some woman sometime will take the initiative with the handshake. This display they more open and you can consider going more than half of the palm and give a firm handshake.


  • Elderly

    For the elderly as their sight and hearing are not really good, when doing a handshake you will want to use both your hand and just hold them. The sense of touch will make them feel warmer and closer to you instead of a normal handshake.

Note: For elder that is a woman do note that the handshake of woman does apply. Make sure you just hold half of the palm.


You are good to go! Of course, there are different types of handshakes which I will not cover of this blog it can be easily google online. What I cover is an experience my mentor had shared with me over his years in business. It might or might not help you but still, I wish you all the best!


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