Apply Interpersonal Communication Skill in Business/Life

Last time as an Employee I thought soft skill is not really important in my life. I start to notice the importance of soft skill when I am unable to communicate and work well in a team. When I run my business I realize this skill is a LIFE SKILL whether you have a business or not! Let me share with you how you can start to apply the basic for Interpersonal Communication Skill.


Part 1.1

First Impression: Be on time

The most basic yet crucial part when you are meeting someone especially an appointment. This is crucial because it shows that you respect their time and also your own time as well.


Unforgettable Appointment Incident

I remember this incident had an appointment with a lady to have a discussion on possible business collaboration.

After I reach I drop her a text and she told me she is going to be late for half an hour due to her previous appointment. 
She apologized to me and asks me if I could wait for her. I agreed.

After waiting for more than 45 min she still hasn't shown up. I call her and she is still in the appointment. 
She again apologized if we could meet after my appointment. 
I inform her I will full schedule for the whole day. She proposes the next date I reject her and told her we will not meet again. 
Those people that know me well enough will know I am quite particular about time.

Don't let people waste your time because time is your life and you can't rewind your time.

Not even people that are more successful than you 
because time will not stop for you just because you are more successful than other people.

Without even meeting her, she already gave me a very bad first impression on her and 
I don't even bother to meet her again.


Choose who you work with wisely. Don’t ever let people waste your time. Respect their time and your time.


In my next article, I am going to share the way you dress can affect people first impression as well.

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