3 Lies And Damn Lies About BUSINESS

There is a lot of lies about business. Today let me provide you with some clarity. If you are an Aspiring Entrepreneur that want to start your own business.


Business can:


1) Earn lots of money

If you think most business earn lots of money you might want to seriously reconsider in starting your own business. Google it and you will find out how many Businesses failed within 1 year. Personally, my business never profits for a few months. I know Entrepreneur that never profit for at least 1-2 years.


2) Do it part-time

I admit I do businesses part-time I failed in all 3 of them. But I do it part-time with a full-time commitment. What do I mean? I had my 9-5 job then I will start my side hustle at least 8 hours of commitment. I sleep less than 3 hours per day a point in my life because of my desire to succeed. If you think just by 1-2 hours a day you going to make it big. Think again.


3) Have Work-Life Balance

Not at the start. Don’t expect work-life balance when your business is not profitable. You think you will care about work-life balance if your bank account is $0? You will be working your ass off. Work-life balance is for Employee. We are too comfortable in life that why most people seek for work-life balance. They have no desire.


In summary, think really hard do you really want to be an Entrepreneur? There is no shame if you think it is no right for you. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone.


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