123 Jump! Workshop 4

Most of my family, friends and ex-colleagues could not understand why I resigned from my job:

  • It paid a good salary

  • It was a secure job

  • My career prospects were good

Get a better understanding on:

The differences with staying in a JOB and

owning a BUSINESS...

Create a step-by-step actionable plan

to starting your own business

1, 2, 3, Jump! Details:

In this FREE 3-hour course, you'll learn

  • > 4 big questions to ask yourself before taking the leap of faith

  • > 3 steps to transform your dreams into reality

  • > An actionable plan to quitting your job and starting your business

What you will get

  • > Training Materials

  • > Access to the next networking event for free

  • > A chance to win a FREE coaching session with the speaker

But I quickly came to realise the salary is just a fraction of your true worth and that job security is disappearing.

McKinsey Report: 800 million workers will be replaced by machines by 2030

(Will you still have a job 12 years from now?)

This course aims to share an entrepreneur's transition from his job to starting a business and how you can make this shift as well.

Find out if you ready to become an entrepreneur

About The Speaker

Jia Jun is the founder of Get Dreams. Being a dreamer himself, he always sought to turn his dreams into a reality. At the age of 27, he made the leap from an employee to becoming an entrepreneur. He is also the network owner of Business FUN as well as a co-owner of the Intelligent Millionaires Network.


A very jovial, approachable, organized and knowledgeable guy.

I am very delighted and appreciative towards his knowledge that he gave to me thru' a short session (actually not short at all! LOL) of sharing and to his sincere and friendly approach. I began to open up even more to share my initial "close-up" goals and visions.

I am lifted up in my spirit to fulfill my great dreams for my "LinkedIn Business". Even though there are more downs than ups. But he encourages me and "pushes" me forward, which required me to take some time to have the courage to do it again. His understanding and "persistence" for my success "frightens" me but I loved it! [Actions Speak Louder than Words]

He also guided me by giving me some takeaways for me to analyse and how to see myself in my future dreams to "aim" and set my "target".

I consider him privately as my mentor... LOL

Philip Ang

The structure and flow in 123 Jump! is very good. The presenter/trainer did a good job in leading participants to interact and start the conversation.

The concepts in 123 Jump! are easy to understand and absorb due to the experience shared by Jia Jun. In addition, this workshop is a great networking session where we get to interact with people from different backgrounds/professions but with a common mindset.

Jun Ting

Jia Jun adopts a very methodical, structured way of thinking to help you take the first step towards achieving your dreams.

This course is the Step One of his whole 1,2,3, Jump! Tagline, so you have to be here to be one step closer.

Thank you, Jia Jun, for the candid sharing. It was very helpful.

Writer at NAW

This is not a lecture style presentation.
It is an interactive workshop where you can learn
from successful people's experience and life stories.

Avoid common pitfalls in start-ups and find the right path to success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a preview course where I get upsold?

No, there is no closing at the end of the session. We have been to plenty of seminars as well. There are no pitches where we ask you to "Make a decision", or "rush to the back and sign up now!". But if you find that entrepreneurship is the path you wish to follow and you are unsure what to do next, you are welcome to ask for more information about our full day courses.

How will this course help you in your business?

It depends on who you are: if you are a jobseeker, you will face many challenges if you become an entrepreneur. This course prepares you for the journey by helping you to discover a goal in your life and provide a compass to get you to your destination in the shortest possible path. If you are a new start-up, this course gives you a step-by-step actionable plan to put your business on the right track.

Can you guarantee results?

Like most courses, the information shared in the 3 hours will remain as knowledge as long as you do not take the necessary steps to geting it done. But if you are willing to make the first step, our trainers and coaches will guide you on your path to entrepreneurship.